What size do I need?

PUC Bill

The size of your PV system depends on your PUC Electricity bill and rooftop area.

In order to determine your annual electricity consumption, you need to add up the number of units (kWh) indicated on your PUC bill over a twelve month period.

  • For residential premises. Depending on the size of your roof, you can produce up to 100% of your electricity from solar PV. It is important to note that your energy consumption varies throughout the year, and because you are billed on a monthly basis, there will be some months were you will produce more than you use and other months were you produce less than you use.
  • For commercial premises. The regulation imposes a 50% cap for commercial customers. In other words, your solar PV system should not produce more than 50% of your energy consumption. Small businesses can however cover 100% of their electricity consumption provided that the size of their PV system does not exceed 10kWp. The maxium size for commercial users is 99kWp. Large PV systems of 100kWp and above qualify as Independent Power Producer (IPP). The feed in tariff for IPPs must be negotiated directly with PUC.

Please refer to the table below for an indicative size of the PV system and corresponding roof area required for residential and commercial users.

Residential Users
Electricity consumption (no of units per annum)Size of PV system (kWp)Roof area required (sqm)
3 000214
4 500321
6 000428
7 500535
10 000747
15 0001070
Commercial Users
Electricity consumption (no of units per annum)Size of PV system (kWp)Roof area required (sqm)
15 0001070
30 0001070
50 00017117
100 00033233
200 00067467
300 00099693

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Once you have decided the size of PV system you would like to install, VetiverTech will submit on your behalf an application form to the Seychelles Energy Commission. PUC technicians will conduct a site visit to assess the network status to your premises before deciding on whether or not to grant permission to connect a PV system to the grid. PUC connection charges depend on factors such as PV system size and location of your premises.

SEC PV Application Form

Example PUC Application Form-page-001

PUC Terms & Conditions